The Connecticut Majority Association

CT Majority AssociationThe Connecticut Majority Association (CMA) is an association consisting of majority members of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. The association was established in 2005 with the intent to bring together the strengths, talents, and skills of Majority Members from all Grand Jurisdictions that currently live in Connecticut.

Rainbow Girls Get Scholarships for College

Being actively involved in Rainbow not only looks great on a college application, but it can help you get scholarships, too! Many colleges and universities like to see community service and involvement. As a Rainbow Girl, you get plenty of that.

Connecticut Rainbow also offers scholarships to graduating high school seniors attending school for further education. These scholarships are awarded at Grand Assembly. The application is distributed generally in January. Additionally, many of the Masonic organizations and our sponsoring bodies offer educational scholarships as well. 

Click here for the Rainbow Camp Scholarship 2017

Click here for the Continuing Education Scholarship 2017