Connecticut Rainbow's Pledge Groups

Pledges are girls ages 8-10. Though they cannot become a full Rainbow Girl until age 11, they are welcomed and encouraged to participate in many activities including charity work, installations, and many other assembly activities. At this stage, the pledges enjoy the “big sister” relationships they will form with the older girls as they work and play side by side, absorbing the positive energy that comes from being a good person inside and out.

Pledge Membership

There are no membership fees or dues.  A girl interested in joining an Assembly’s Pledge Group, should contact that Assembly’s Pledge Mother. Send an email to to get in contact with an Assembly's Pledge Mother.

Pledge Advisors

Advisors for a Pledge Group are members of the Assembly’s Advisory Board or Majority Members or Rainbow girls over the age of 18, in good standing.  They are approved and appointed by the Advisory Board for one year terms beginning in January.  These Pledge Mothers report to the State Pledge Mother who provides information and assistance to all Pledge Groups.

Pledges Get Involved

Aside from having monthly meetings, the Pledge Group is welcome to participate in all activities of the sponsoring Rainbow Assembly that are open to the public.  Assembly members are encouraged and welcome to attend Pledge meetings and interact with the girls in the Pledge group.  In addition, Pledges are encouraged to attend the annual State Pledge Initiation in November or December as well as the Grand Assembly Banquet and Sunday Sessions.