Past State Mother Advisors

Connecticut Rainbow is privileged to have such wonderful adult women working with our organization. Since 2002, the Grand Officers have voted on a State Mother Advisor to work with the girls for the year and perform many of the same activities as a an assembly Mother Advisor.

Year Installed State Mother Advisor


Liz Plasky was selected as the State Mother Advisor to the "Plaza Girls".  Mom Liz brought youthfulness and energy to her position, while still managing to keep all the hostesses in line. Let's not forget her signature style of her sunglasses and a pink bow in her hair at every event!


Serving as State Mother Advisor with the Curiouser Card Cadets, Mom Melissa Trofatter helped the Grand Officers "Believe in the Impossible". The biggest challenge of the year came at Grand Assembly, when Mom Melissa had to spend the weekend seated in the Grand East - not so easy for the person who usually is running around making sure that the sessions run smoothly.
2012 Having one red head in the East wasn't enough for the Grand Officers, so they voted in Mom Masselli so that there could be TWO red heads in the Grand East. Mom Masselli's pleasant attitude and desire to help wherever needed made her a great choice. She always says she's lucky to have so many families from her Rainbow family to her Eastern Star family to her camping family. This year, CT Rainbow realized how lucky they were to have her in our Rainbow family.
2011 Given the award for "crying speeches" was Mom Cindy Stamm, the 2011 State Mother Advisor. Mom Stamm was a very busy SMA since she also served as Grand Deputy and Mother Advisor for Mountain Laurel #27. Her selflessness and fun attitude brought her close to the Grand Officers.
2010 At Grand Assembly 2010, Mom Ann McKusick was selected as State Mother Advisor for the ensuing Grand Term. Although, never a Rainbow Girl herself, Mom McKusick stepped right into the role and mentored the Grand Officers. She was an example to all the girls and always offered a smile.
2009 Mom Hope Cotter was a great selection for State Mother Advisor. All of the Grand Officers were extremely happy at Grand Assembly 2009 when Mom Cotter's name was called. GWA, Brittany Martin was especially estatic to spend the year in the East with her close friend Mom Cotter.
2008 In 2008, Grand Assembly learned that Mom Betty was going to be joining the Grand Officers and Grand Representatives on her Sunshine Safari. In addition to Mom Betty's regular role as a Grand Deputy and master of the drills for Grand Assembly, she took this position in stride and made herself available to all Rainbow Girls.
2007 In 2007, the Groovy Gal Grand Officers voted for Mom Gelo to be their State Mother Advisor. She was a natural choice because of all her mothering qualities and years as an assembly advisor. Due to an unfortunate accident, Mom Gelo was unable to attend some events during the year but she arrived at Grand Assembly to a hero's welcome. The girls truly made an excellent choice by picking Mom Gelo
2006 With her Curious George mascot by her side all year long, Mom Mattesen, took the role of State Mother Advisor and turned it on its side! Always there to answer the questions of the Rainbow Girls, she additionally was known for bringing her mascot everywhere and even getting its photo taken with Miss America and a rising country music star. Not too mention she taught the Grand Officers about proper dental care.
2005 Mom Fears served alongside GWA Pam Izzo in 2005 after being selected as State Mother Advisor. One of her last years as a Grand Deputy, she assisted Mom Needham in her first year as Supreme Deputy. Her gentle disposition and willingness to listen to the girls and teach them made her a memorable State Mother Advisor.
2004 At Grand Assembly 2004, Mom Needham's name was called as State Mother Advisor. For Mom Needham, this was truly the biggest honor as she knew she had been selected by the girls. She became Mom Taylor's right-hand woman helping to encourage the Grand Officers. At the close of her year, Mom Needham gave all of the Grand Officers beautiful books with personal notes and fun quotes.
2003 Mom DeGennarro was chosen as State Mother Advisor in 2003. Always ready to help the girls, answer a question, or work on a project, she was loved as State Mother Advisor. Her infectious smile and laugh meant that the Grand Officers always had someone to look to for positivity and happiness.
2002 As Mom Susan Taylor began her service as Supreme Deputy, a new tradition began - allow the Grand Officers to elect their own State Mother Advisor for the year. At the Grand Picnic in August, the Grand Officers voted Mom Sandy Langlois as State Mother Advisor. After her years of being Mother Advisor and then a Grand Deputy, Mom L was made for this role. She provided the girls with ritual advice, a listening ear, creative ideas and most importantly, a mother's love.