Connecticut Rainbow Programs

Every day, the adults of Connecticut Rainbow are looking for new ways to excite our Rainbow Girls. Connecticut Rainbow runs many programs throughout the state, which encourage Rainbow Girls to get involved in the organization. Some of our active programs are listed below.

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Program Information

We Can't Help But Wonder....Got Rainbow?

Launched at Grand Assembly in March 2010, the "got rainbow?" program is a way to spark an interest and participation in assemblies that will help them grow, while improving the confidence and leadership skills of its members. Assemblies earn points based on their participation in activities, meeting attendance, service projects and more.

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Give Your Assembly the Gift of Membership

Invite all of your friends to join! We all know that in order for an assembly to grow and be strong, you need to have members.  Connecticut Grand Assembly wants to reward girls who have taken that step with the membership incentive program. This incentive is available to all Rainbow girls in the state who are the first line signer on an application for membership.

When a girl’s …..

First friend is initiated into Rainbow, the girl gets a Pandora-like bracelet with two beads – one to represent her and one to represent the girl she brought in

Second friend is initiated into Rainbow, the girl gets another two beads

Third friend is initiated into Rainbow, the girl gets an additional two beads

Fourth friend is initiated into Rainbow, the girl gets her 7th bead and additionally, Mom Needham will personally purchase the Rainbow bead to go on her bracelet

Bracelet and bead recipients are generally recognized at statewide events.



Rainbow Girls Get Scholarships for College

Being actively involved in Rainbow not only looks great on a college application, but it can help you get scholarships, too! Many colleges and universities like to see community service and involvement. As a Rainbow Girl, you get plenty of that.

Connecticut Rainbow also offers scholarships to graduating high school seniors attending school for further education. These scholarships are awarded at Grand Assembly. The application is distributed generally in January. Additionally, many of the Masonic organizations and our sponsoring bodies offer educational scholarships as well. 

Click here for the Rainbow Camp Scholarship 2016

Click here for the Continuing Education Scholarship 2016