Connecticut Rainbow's Glossary

Sometimes, it's easy to get a little confused about what different words mean. Below you will find many common Rainbow-related words and their meanings.

Advisory Board
A group of adults including but not limited to parents, Majority Rainbow Girls, Masons, grandparents, members of the sponsoring bodies. These adults act as chaperones for the girls attending meetings and events

Iin the center of an assembly room is an altar. We drape it with a white cloth to represent the purity in woman and girls.

Application for membership (formerly known as a petition)
This is a document that requires basic information such as name, age, parent/legal guardian names, school information. An interested girl and her parent/legal guardian are asked to fill this out.

An assembly is like a chapter or troop or pack. The state of CT has 12 assemblies in various towns

A vote by balls and cubes on the application of a girl to join an assembly

The process of voting new members into an assembly

Bow stations
In an assembly, there are seven stations designated for each color of the rainbow. They arranged in a bow formation in the assembly room

Chairperson of the Board
The chairperson is an advisory board member who ensures the advisory board and assembly Rainbow Girls are in compliance with procedure

This is the last ceremony of an assembly’s formal meeting. It properly closes the assembly

A document that means a girl is choosing to leave her membership with one assembly to move to another assembly. This happens often when a girl moves towns and a different assembly is now closer.

A formal march that an assembly’s members perform

Grand Assembly
This is the annual convention where all assemblies in CT get together and the Grand Officers perform ritual and new grand officers are announced and installed. This can also refer to the Grand Jurisdiction of Connecticut, as in Connecticut Grand Assembly

Grand Officer
This is a girl who has a station on the state level

Grand Representative
This is a correspondent position on the state level. Grand Representatives are to correspond with another Rainbow Girl in another state

A ceremony that introduces new girls to the lessons of Rainbow

New officers are placed into their new positions

This is when Rainbow Girls and an adult advisor meet with an interested girl who has filled out her application for membership. The Rainbow Girls will explain and answer any questions before she is initiated

The officers in an assembly wear jewels that represent their stations. These jewels are essentially ribboned necklaces with medallions

Marching lane
The perimeter of an assembly room floor is generally considered an area for walking and marching

Mother Advisor
The mother advisor is often most closely associated with the girls. She works with the advisory board and shares the girls’ visions

During the initiation ceremony, an oath is taken by new girls do uphold Rainbow and abide by the teachings

This is the first ceremony of an assembly’s formal meeting. It properly begins the assembly

A book of ceremonies for Rainbow Girls

An office or position held by a girl or adult in an assembly

The East
In an assembly room, each wall is a different direction. The front of the room is represented by the East, the back of the room is the West and the two sides are North and South.

Worthy Advisor
This is an elected position that has the same roles and objectives as a president