“Build YOUR Rainbow” Program

Over the next two years, every Rainbow girl will have the opportunity to “Build YOUR Rainbow” in a combined membership and service incentive program. By performing 100 hours of community service and being the first line signer on two or the second line signer on four applications, a girl can earn a bracelet with beads in the seven colors of the Rainbow. At the same time, Rainbow will be gaining new members and performing community service. The program is as follows:

Red Bead - 20 hours of service
Orange Bead – 20 additional hours of service (40 hours total)
Yellow Bead - First member brought in (1st line signer on one or 2nd line signer on two applications)
Green Bead – 20 additional hours of service (60 hours total)
Blue Bead - Second member brought in (1st line signer on one or 2nd line signer on two applications)
Indigo Bead – 20 additional hours of service (80 hours total)
Violet Bead – 20 additional hours of service (100 hours total)

The girls can earn either their yellow or their red bead first depending whether they bring in a new member (yellow bead) or perform twenty hours of community service (red bead). The bracelet will be sent with the first bead awarded.
The membership beads are awarded for being the first line signer on one or the second line signer on two applications. There are two membership beads – yellow and blue. By allowing girls to obtain a membership bead by being the second line signer on two applications, girls who are not as adept at bringing in new members may learn by “pairing” with a more outgoing girl who is more at ease with encouraging girls to join Rainbow.
The service beads are awarded for community service. There are five service beads – red, orange, green, indigo, and violet. Each of the five beads represents twenty hours of service performed. When all five beads have been obtained, a girl will have performed one hundred hours of community service. Community service is defined as anything that benefits the community. It may be structured around any existing Merit Bar or other service programs. The specific criterion for community service is left to each jurisdiction so that it compliments rather than competes with any existing program. Please note that any task is not specific for any particular color. 

Click here to download the girls form | Click here to download the adults form

This program is free to all Rainbow girls. It will also be open to participation by adults. Rainbow does not, however, have the funds to offer the program free of charge to adults wishing to participate. Therefore, any adult wishing to participate must pay a fee of $15.00 to cover the cost of the bracelet and beads. Adult participation is welcome and it is hoped that this participation will actively engage adult advisors and workers in membership programs as well as benefiting the community with additional volunteer hours for a variety of worthwhile projects.

The Rainbow color beads cannot be purchased – only earned; as Rainbows are built – not bought. As a special incentive for girls only, when a girl has completed her own Rainbow and been awarded all seven color beads, she will be awarded a final multicolored Rainbow bead as an indication of a job well done. ONLY GIRLS will be eligible for this final multi-colored bead and it will NOT be available for sale. We realize that these bracelets are not complete with only eight beads. The Supply Department has added several modestly priced beads which can be purchased to enhance your bracelet. Several beads have been chosen as having special significance to a Rainbow girl’s journey: namely a dove, an anchor, the money bags, a gavel and the Official Rainbow emblem. Our Supreme Worthy Advisor’s emblem, the lighthouse, is also available. We encourage each jurisdiction to make other beads available that are significant to their own jurisdiction such as the emblems or mascots of your Grand Worthy Advisors or other significant representations of your jurisdiction. The idea is that each girls’ or adults’ participation in Rainbow is unique even though many experiences and events are shared. By being a part of this fantastic organization, each person is on a journey to “Build YOUR Rainbow” and make a difference.